Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pinterest Braided Infinity Scarf

Here's {just} one of the projects I recently completed, inspired by a post on Pinterest. I used four old
T-shirts (they were mine so smaller) instead of two from the pin, but I think it turned out pretty darn adorable. Here's the link to the blog with a video that shows exactly how to braid your pieces, since I was unsuccessful at taking photos and braiding at the same time. I guess I need to work on my multi-taskig skills. {}

Here's a quick play-by-play for anyone who would like to attempt it...

Cut the neck and sleeves off of four old t-shirts (or 2 XL t-shirts), then cut off one of the side seams so you have a long strip, with a seam in the middle...

 Sew two of the shirts together, along the short seams. It will look like you have four pieces sewed together.

Then sew the pieces long-ways, right sides together. Then turn the pieces inside out, so that you end up with a long tube. Repeat on second two pieces.

You'll end up with two very long tubes, like this:

Here's where you may want to refer to the blog shows a detailed video of how to braid your pieces (it's basically a square-knot).

After you've braided your two pieces, you'll need to sew your tubes together at the can get tricky trying to keep your right sides together so have a little patience!

Drum roll please...

Happy Pinteresting!

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  1. very cute abby! i'll have to go through my closet for old t's!